New Towns Act 1946

  1. 1.Designation of sites of new towns

  2. 2.Establishment and general powers of development corporations

  3. 3.Planning and control of development in new towns

  4. 4.Acquisition of land by development corporations

  5. 5.Disposal of land by development corporations

  6. 6.Supplementary provisions as to land

  7. 7.Highways

  8. 8.Housing

  9. 9.Public health

  10. 10.Statutory undertakers

  11. 11.Contributions by development corporations towards expenditure of local authorities and statutory undertakers

  12. 12.Advances and payments by Minister to development corporations

  13. 13.Accounts, audit, annual report, etc

  14. 14.Transfer of undertakings of development corporations

  15. 15.Winding up of development corporations

  16. 16.Combination and transfer of functions of development corporations

  17. 17.Limitation of actions, etc

  18. 18.Superannuation of employees of development corporations

  19. 19.Regulations, orders and other supplementary provisions

  20. 20.Saving for revenue provisions, etc

  21. 21.Restriction on the provision by development corporations of certain public services

  22. 22.Transitional provisions

  23. 23.Modifications of Town and Country Planning Act, 1944, as applied

  24. 24.Payment out of moneys provided by Parliament of certain expenses

  25. 25.Provisions as to Scotland

  26. 26.Interpretation, construction, short title and extent

    1. First Schedule

      Provisions as to Orders under s. I

    2. Second Schedule

      Constitution of Development Corporations

    3. Third Schedule

      Enactments which may be suspended under Section three

    4. Fourth Schedule

      Modifications of Provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1944, as applied, by this Act

    5. Fifth Schedule

      Modifications of Provisions the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act, 1945, as applied by this Act