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Part 12 E+W+SDisabled persons: transport

Chapter 1E+W+STaxis, etc.

169Assistance dogs in taxis: exemption certificatesE+W+S

(1)A licensing authority must issue a person with a certificate exempting the person from the duties imposed by section 168 (an “exemption certificate”) if satisfied that it is appropriate to do so on medical grounds.

(2)In deciding whether to issue an exemption certificate the authority must have regard, in particular, to the physical characteristics of the taxi which the person drives or those of any kind of taxi in relation to which the person requires the certificate.

(3)An exemption certificate is valid—

(a)in respect of a specified taxi or a specified kind of taxi;

(b)for such period as is specified in the certificate.

(4)The driver of a taxi is exempt from the duties imposed by section 168 if—

(a)an exemption certificate issued to the driver is in force with respect to the taxi, and

(b)the prescribed notice of the exemption is exhibited on the taxi in the prescribed manner.

The power to make regulations under paragraph (b) is exercisable by the Secretary of State.

(5)In this section “licensing authority” means—

(a)in relation to the area to which the Metropolitan Public Carriage Act 1869 applies, Transport for London;

(b)in relation to any other area in England and Wales, the authority responsible for licensing taxis in that area.