Explanatory Notes

Localism Act 2011

2011 CHAPTER 20

15 November 2011


Part 7: Housing

Chapter 6: Other Housing Matters
Section 180: Housing Complaints

401.Section 180 makes changes to the way in which a tenant may make a complaint about their social landlord to a housing ombudsman. A complaint must be referred to the relevant ombudsman by way of a referral from a member of the House of Commons, a councillor (a member of the local housing authority for the district in which the property concerned is located) or a designated tenant panel; unless 8 weeks have elapsed since the end of the landlord’s complaints process, or the designated person declines to refer the complaint, or agrees it may be made direct by the tenant.

402.This section also provides an order-making power to enable the Secretary of State to provide that the housing ombudsman may apply to a court or a tribunal in order that a determination it makes against a social landlord may be made enforceable.