The General Teaching Council for England (Disciplinary Functions) Regulations 2001

  1. PART 1 Introduction

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

  2. PART II Disciplinary Functions of the Council

    1. 3.Establishment of Investigating Committees

    2. 4.Delegation of Investigating Committees' functions

    3. 5.Establishment of Professional Conduct Committees

    4. 6.Establishment of Professional Competence Committees

    5. 7.Use of the Code of Practice in disciplinary matters

    6. 8.Membership and procedure of Committee

    7. 9.Exclusion or restriction of Committees' powers

    8. 10.Proceedings of Investigating Committees

    9. 11.Proceedings of Professional Conduct Committees and Professional Competence Committees

    10. 12.Entitlement to appear and be represented at hearings

    11. 13.Attendance of witnesses

    12. 14.Requirement for hearings to be held in public

    13. 15.Administration of Oaths and affirmations

    14. 16.Other provisions about Professional Conduct Committees' and Professional Competence Committees' procedure

    15. 17.Referring cases to other Committees

    16. 18.Disciplinary orders

    17. 19.Publication of disciplinary orders

    18. 20.Application to vary or set aside a condition in a conditional registration order

    19. 21.Consequences of failure to comply with a conditional registration order

    20. 22.Prohibition orders

    21. 23.Review of disciplinary orders

    22. 24.Appeals

    23. 25.Disciplinary orders made by the General Teaching Council for Wales

    24. 26.Service of notices and orders

    25. 27.Publication and provision of copies of documents

    26. 28.Witness expenses

  3. PART III Provision of Information by Employers

    1. 29.Provision of information by employers to the Council


      Information to be supplied by a registered teacher’s employer to the Council

      1. 1.Letter or notice terminating a registered teacher’s employment.

      2. 2.Statement of reasons for dismissal.

      3. 3.Employer’s records relating to the dismissal or any contemplated dismissal,...

      4. 4.Employer’s records relating to conduct which eventually led to a...

      5. 5.Employer’s letters, warnings or notices issued to a registered teacher...

      6. 6.Any other statements, representations and evidence submitted by a registered...

      7. 7.Letter of resignation.

      8. 8.Any other document or information which the employer considers is...